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Cost of Dental Implants

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Investing in your smile

Investing in dental implants is an experience you can benefit from for the rest of your life. Modern implants last decades when properly cared for, allowing you to take advantage of a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Unlike other conventional tooth replacements, implants don’t have to be updated or changed out routinely. That’s why Santa Rosa dental implant costs offer the best return on investment.

Price Of Dental Implants

Dental implant pricing is based on a variety of factors affecting the individual patient. For instance:

  • The total number of implants needed
  • How many teeth are being replaced
  • The type of implant restoration you’ve chosen
  • Single vs. Full-mouth implants
  • If you require additional bone grafting or a sinus lift
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Other adjunctive add-ons (such as sedation)

The price of dental implants in Santa Rosa is not based on the number of teeth missing. Since we don’t use individual implants for each specific tooth to restore your entire mouth, the costs tend to be lower “per tooth” for full mouth reconstruction cases.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Testimonial

Dr. Wayne's patient explaining her experience about the treatment of full mouth reconstruction

Santa Rosa Dental Implant Consultation

We understand that it can be frustrating not understanding how much dental implants will cost for each situation. To ease the confusion and provide an accurate quote to each patient, Santa Rosa Dentistry and Implant Center offers a complimentary implant consultation for prospective patients. You’ll be able to discuss your concerns with Dr. Sutton, have a no-fee digital 3D scan taken of your mouth, and determine the best route of treatment. From there, we can provide an estimate of what your implant costs will be.

This no-fee consultation and scan is a $500 value. The reason we provide it at zero cost to our prospective patients is that we truly only want to provide the best type of treatment for your given situation (dental implants or not.)

When you have all of the information you need, you can feel comfortable and confident going into your dental implant therapy.

Complimentary Implant Consultation

Schedule your complimentary consult with CT scan, $500 value!

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Start To Finish Implant Therapy

Choosing a comprehensive implant provider streamlines your treatment experience and the costs involved. Instead of referring you between different providers for the placement and restoration phases, Dr. Sutton completes everything in-house. Enjoy more competitive pricing along with a highly efficient experience.

Financing Plans Available

No insurance? No problem! Our third-party financing plan can help cover anything that insurance doesn’t (yes, you can combine it with your existing coverage.) Thanks to low-interest lending options, you can start on implant treatment right away and make low monthly payments that fit your budget.

Reserve Your Free Consultation, $500 Value

Discover the possibilities with one of Sonoma County’s leading dental implant dentists. Book your complimentary visit with Dr. Sutton today and say hello to your new self!

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