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Replace missing teeth with custom dental bridges.

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Bridges are one of the most traditional ways to replace missing teeth. Crafted similar to porcelain crowns, these multi-tooth restorations are supported on either end by a tooth, suspending a functional “crown” between them, thus filling in the open space.

A bridge can also be used alongside dental implant therapy, replacing several teeth at once. Conventional tooth-supported bridges generally only replace 1-2 teeth at a time, but an implant-supported bridge may replace up to four or more teeth. For more information on dental bridges in Santa Rosa, schedule a consultation with our dentist.

Why One Would Need a Dental Bridge

Tooth loss affects our mouths in several ways. Aesthetically, it detracts from our appearance. Physically, it alters our smile alignment, speech, and dietary habits. Emotionally, it can impact our self-confidence.

Like books lined up on a shelf, removing one can lead to the others tilting or shifting out of perfect alignment. It’s the same when we lose a tooth. But not only are the neighbors affected; the opposing teeth can move as well.

Bridges help to preserve natural tooth placement. As a result, they eliminate unnecessary complications of tooth loss like TMJ disorder and orthodontic concerns. But they also serve as functional restorations that preserve your diet, lifestyle, and overall wellness.

If you have a missing tooth, it’s best to plan on a replacement as quickly as possible.

Dental Bridge Treatment Process

Getting a dental bridge is similar to the process of having a crown fitted. Our Santa Rosa dentist will need to gently adjust the supporting teeth, take a digital scan, and then fit them with a customized porcelain restoration. Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped with digital 3D scanning technology, improving accuracy, and eliminating messy impressions.

Dr. Sutton will carefully dictate the precise shape, color, and hue of porcelain for an optimal aesthetic outcome. Your new bridge shouldn’t just blend in with your smile, it should naturally enhance it.

Feeling a bit nervous? Dr. Sutton’s gentle techniques and sedation dentistry offerings provide you with a comfortable, pain-free experience. Regardless of your comfort level in the dental office, we’re committed to meeting you where you’re at.

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Alternatives to Dental Bridges

For conventional bridges replacing one or two teeth, another alternative to discuss is a dental implant. But for people who don’t qualify for implants or who need to replace multiple teeth at one time, bridges provide an excellent treatment option (especially when paired with dental implants for those that are candidates).

An Exemplary Experience for Your Smile

The health and integrity of your teeth affect everything. When you need to restore your smile, our custom porcelain bridges are an excellent choice. As one of Santa Rosa’s leading cosmetic dentistry providers, Dr. Sutton is committed to delivering an out-of-this-world experience for each of the people we care for. It’s just one reason why he’s an Official Dentist of the Mrs. Globe — Mrs. USA Pageants!

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