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Family dentistry is all about finding the right doctor and dental office that makes you feel comfortable. Because once you feel comfortable and cared for, you'll probably be willing to refer friends and family to the same office. That's the type of relationship Dr. Wayne Sutton and the team at Santa Rosa Dentistry & Implant Center strives to build. We want every patient to feel happy that they've found the right dental home.

On top of building a long-lasting and trusted relationship with our patients, we also want to make sure we're offering the most advanced dental services available. 3D-Xray equipment, laser dentistry and oral scan technology make for a state-of-the-art dental experience. Dr. Sutton is also a practicing sedation dentist in Santa Rosa, which makes any procedure much easier for patients with high anxiety or fear of the dentist.

Some of our general & family dental services include:


Cleanings & Exams

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Cavities & Fillings

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Gum Treatments

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Root Canal Therapy

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Sedation Dentistry

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Sleep Apnea

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TMJ Therapy

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Tooth Extractions

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