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Aligner Orthodontics for Adults

Clear, removable braces to straighten teeth

You are never “too old” to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth and a more balanced “bite.” As a certified provider of aligner orthodontics, Santa Rosa Dentistry and Implant Center serves our slice of northern California with a comfortable and highly cosmetic way to restore the health and beauty of your smile. Led by Dr. Wayne Sutton, our practice often incorporates this discreet and removable alternative to conventional fixed, silver-colored braces into “smile makeovers” or complex rehabilitative cases.

Whatever your needs and regardless of if you are 25 or 65, it is our great privilege to help you to regain or achieve a confidence-boosting beautiful smile, while also straightening the teeth to:

  • Support excellent oral hygiene (crowded teeth are simply harder to clean)
  • Protect against the development of enamel erosion and tooth decay
  • Prevent destructive gum disease and associate breakdown of supportive bone in the jaw
  • Protect against excessive wear and tear
  • Ease chronic migraines, facial jaw, and other effects of TMJ Disorders by correcting bite imbalances that stress or strain the jaw joints

What is aligner orthodontics treatment?

While there are a variety of clear and removable aligners available to dentists like Dr. Sutton today, they all generally work in the same way, and are based on similar principles. A series of custom oral appliances, the clear aligners, are made based on optical or virtual impressions of the patient’s mouth. When worn as instructed by the dentist, these aligner trays place consistent yet gentle pressure on the teeth to incrementally “nudge” them into their appropriate positions.

Braces are fixed (not removable) to the teeth. They must be adjusted by the dentist or orthodontist every six weeks. These ongoing visits are the only way to allow treatment to move forward. With clear aligner therapy, patients are in the driver’s seat. Treatment progresses as long as the aligners are worn at all times and in the correct order.

Generally, this means that the aligners should only be removed prior to eating, brushing and flossing, and to properly keep each aligner clean and free of stains or decay-producing bacteria. Additionally, each aligner tray is associated with a different step in the straightening process. Since every tray is unique and corresponds with a specific stage in the patient’s unique treatment plan, it is essential to wear them in the correct order. Be sure to also wear them for the correct time as noted by Dr. Sutton, usually around one to two week(s).

The number or length of visits or “check-ins” to Santa Rosa Dentistry and Implant Center is also minimized. Dr. Sutton will see you periodically for a short evaluation. He will confirm that treatment is progressing as it should be, answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have, and provide you with more aligners as needed.

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The clear benefits over braces

Compared to “traditional” obviously-looking and non-removable braces, aligner orthodontics provides several appealing perks:

  • Fewer (and hassle-free) appointments
  • Easy maintenance 
  • No restrictions on diet – continue to enjoy your favorite (and varied) foods
  • Made from a transparent plastic, so they are nearly invisible in the smile
  • Smooth and flexible, aligners do not irritate oral tissues
  • Highly versatile, for minor cosmetic cases and complex bite imbalances alike

Clear aligners are made with adults in mind. These appliances are discreet, easy-to-care-for, and promote hassle-free and efficient treatment. They suit your active and busy lifestyle, and your boss or workmates do not need to know that you are straightening your teeth! Your “secret” is safe with our friendly team in Santa Rosa, CA.



No two treatment plans are exactly the same. But, we can say that the “average” case takes about 12 months to complete. More modest cases of misalignment can be treated in half the time, six months or so. Likewise, more severe cases of malocclusion and bite-related problems can take longer than 18 months. Patient compliance is vital to ensure timely and successful outcomes.


Many patients are great candidates for aligner therapy. Since it was first introduced in the late 1990s, aligner orthodontics has become an attractive alternative to “fix” minor crowding as well as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. Of course, Dr. Sutton will not know for sure if aligners are the right option for you until after he physically evaluates teeth alignment and surrounding anatomical features. He must also ensure that your mouth is healthy, free of conditions such as active gum disease and tooth decay.


Invisalign was designed for adults, but teens make great candidates too. You’re never too old to straighten your teeth. We have Santa Rosa Invisalign patients that are 70+.


Aligners are often marketed as a way for adults to straighten their teeth without anyone noticing; however, teens can be great candidates for clear aligners, too. Patients across a wide spectrum of ages deserve to experience the many health- and wellbeing-oriented benefits of orthodontic treatment.


Absolutely! Clear aligners have provided a discreet yet effective alternative to braces for patients with a wide spectrum of needs and ages for nearly three decades. They have demonstrated their clinical safety and efficacy in correcting gaps, crowding, and other spacing issues, as well as problems with how the opposing upper and lower teeth fit together when the mouth is closed.


Treatment plans can vary considerably. So, the total cost of treatment may also differ greatly from patient to patient. Santa Rosa Dentistry and Implant Center never wants concerns over the dental bill to stand between you and your best, healthiest smile. For this reason, we can help you to navigate the complexities of dental insurance. We also provide transparent quotes upfront, and can work with you to design a flexible financing plan that suits your monthly budget.

Our team in Santa Rosa, CA encourages you to start the process today. Request your clear aligner consultation by calling us at (707) 868-0677. During your visit, we can even show you how smile will look after treatment, thanks to software that creates a virtual model of your mouth and simulation of the straightening process.

Dr. Sutton is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Sonoma County

About Dr. Wayne Sutton

Dr. Sutton is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Sonoma County, and with over 20 years of experience, his implant center maintains a standard of excellence using the strongest dental implant bridge currently available to provide predictable full mouth dental implant reconstructions. 

Dr. Sutton completed his postgraduate studies at The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in San Francisco and received his doctorate, three years of experience as a clinical instructor, and the coveted “Clinical Excellence Award” from UCSF School of Dentistry in 1997. He also earned his Fellowship in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics and studied Advanced Occlusion at the Hornbrook Group.

Dr. Sutton continues to take four times the annual continuing education requirements to maintain his license. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (awarded his Fellowship), the Academy of General Dentistry (Fellowships status), the American Dental Implant Association (Diplomat status), the American Dental Association, the American Academy for Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Sutton is also a select cosmetic dentist recognized as an Official Dentist of the Mrs. Globe – Mrs. USA Pageants.

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