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Dr. Wayne's patient explaining her experience

My name is Jennifer Tarantino. So about a year and a half ago, I came in to visit Dr. Sutton and he told me that I need to have all my teeth removed, a condition that I had. So in September, I had all of my teeth removed and then I had some implants put in, and just recently I had almost permanent—these are my actually almost permanent teeth—put in and they’re great because I’ve been able to chew things that I haven’t been able to do for a really long time. The other day, I actually called my husband because I was able to bite into an apple for the very first time, so it was awesome. It sounds silly, but I haven’t been able to do that in a really long time, so it was pretty cool.

Before I had—my son is almost 10—and before I had him, even when I was pregnant, my gums bled a lot. And then I also lost some teeth while I was pregnant and some people just said it happens, you know, your body goes through things when you’re pregnant and it would just happen. And then after I had him, I actually lost a couple more teeth and my teeth, many of them are loose. And so I wasn’t even able to eat a lot of things before even with my regular—with my other teeth. And then slowly they just got worse, my gums got worse. Every time I brushed my teeth, my gums would bleed. Most of my teeth as Dr. Sutton knows were loose so I couldn’t really chew a lot of really anything, and like I said, I came in to Dr. Sutton about a year and a half ago, and that’s when he told me I need to have them all removed.

I think a lot of people when they don’t have problems with their teeth, they don’t understand how it affects your life and everything in your life that you do, and it’s been amazing and life changing for me, this whole process, and I’m very grateful.

And I feel healthier. I do. I feel healthier. I would recommend Dr. Wayne Sutton and his whole staff. They’ve been, it’s been life-changing for me. I’ve been just not confident in my smile for a very long time and I can actually smile, even on Facebook or when I take pictures everybody noticed that I’m smiling now and I haven’t done that in a really long time. So I’m very grateful. I’m very appreciative.

Dr. Wayne's patient explaining his experience at dental

Casey: My name is Casey Williams. I met Dr. Sutton through Rotary. He was a former president of the Rotary Club of Rohner Park, former president of Santa Rosa West. And I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist, and Wayne’s a great guy. And so, I thought, maybe this’ll work. Maybe I can finally get the care I need. Dr. Sutton changed my life when I was like nine years old. I broke my two front teeth skateboarding, and I spent my entire life smiling like this or covering my mouth when I laughed because it looked horrible. I had these little caps and they never matched. It never looked right. I got a crown one time, and that sort of helped a little bit, but it looked terrible. And now, I mean, when you’re a kid and you pose for pictures and you smile like this, and the photographer’s going, come on, give me a big smile. And then you smile. And the photographer goes, Oh, okay, nevermind. So, this totally changed my life. I mean, now I can smile, and I’m a comedian too, so if you don’t smile when you tell jokes on stage, people just think you’re a jerk. So now I can tell jokes for free at a bowling alley on Tuesdays. It’s great. My whole family goes to Dr. Sutton. I refer people all the time, anytime anybody talks about any kind of dental care they need. Absolutely. The first thing I say is go to Sonoma Smiles.

Dr. Wayne's patient explaining his experience

Yeah, my name is Les Wasco. I’m a retired chief of police. I’ve been in Roanoke Park for 31 years and everybody has apprehensions about dentistry and going to the dentist has never been my favorite thing, but I have to say with Dr. Sutton, my friend Wayne – Excellent, excellent. Makes me feel very comfortable. One of the problems that I had, a major problem with dentistry, had to be put under a couple times, which is never a comfortable thing because Wayne is an easygoing manner, very humorous and makes you feel calm, greatly relaxed me in that and I appreciated that very much. One of my problems medically, I’m diabetic, which is a great concern for having your teeth and your gums in excellent condition. And also, I have sleep apnea and being put under sedation with sleep apnea takes a person with some real skills and I thank Dr. Sutton for that. Extremely important for people, and there’s a lot of people in my age group that have that problem and may or may not even know it. I’ve had a lot of dentists in my past and absolutely none of them. They were all decent, but Wayne is superior to them. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Wayne's patient explaining her experience at Santa Rosa

Hi, I’m Melinda Fenton. Dr. Sutton has been my dentist for over 16 years. My experience has been wonderful. I was in an accident 10 years ago and Dr. Sutton pretty much took care of everything that needed to be done with me. It was all facial injuries, so a lot of oral surgery he made sure I had and my veneers, which was just a couple years ago, and it’s been wonderful. Everything’s been really great here. I’ve always been a big smiler. I guess the service here and everything and how you take care of me. I get way more compliments on my smile now. I definitely am not self-conscious about my teeth anymore, especially after having my veneers put on and whitening and just everybody makes sure that you’re comfortable with how everything looks and how it feels. So no, definitely grade-A and perfect. Yes, I would really feel comfortable with a referral. I actually have referred a couple people and I think they are still your patients, especially just recently a referral and she’s been very happy with her outcome on her teeth and everything. Yeah.

Dr. Wayne's happy patient explaining his experience

Hi, my name is Mike Vieth and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sutton’s for 17 years. In 2001, I had the front of six veneers done in my smile. The experience was wonderful. I’ve always been fearful of dentists ever since my time in the Marine Corps took me, it took Wayne several years to even talk me into the chair. But once I got in, it was really remarkable. It made a difference. I was always a little bit ashamed of my smile, didn’t readily smile. You couldn’t find a photograph of me in my early life ever smiling because I was self-conscious about it. Being in sales for a living made a world of difference. He put the veneers in and yeah, the more smiles you put out, the more you get back. It’s really amazing. I’m really amazed at the technology. Wayne told me that I would easily get 10 years out of these. Of course, I don’t think that these were on the market 10 years when he put ’em in. The fact that they’re holding up better than my real teeth are quite a testament to the veneers that he used and the porcelain work that he did.

Dr. Wayne's happy patient explaining his experience at Santa Rosa

Hi, my name is Ray Treviso. I’ve been coming to Dr. Sutton’s office for at least 16 years. Various problems, the normals, you know, little cavities starting and such. In my early days, I had, I bit a car riding my bicycle and had my front teeth chipped. As I was growing up, my lower teeth was hitting underneath and I had to have them pulled. Dr. Sutton made a partial, which was great. It fit well and it functioned well. Over years, Perio problems on my uppers. They were coming out one at a time over the years. And I finally decided with all the information that Dr. Sutton had given me about implants. And I decided to go with it. It’s wonderful. It feels great. It feels natural, normal. They do, it’s like they’re, they grew in my mouth like real teeth. And it’s great. I love the look. I love the feel. It’s very pleasing. Yes, I would definitely recommend Dr. Sutton’s services to anyone.

Dr. Wayne's patient explaining his dental treatment experience

My name is Brian Rasmussen. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Sutton for about 10 years now. I’ve had a great experience here. You know, I’m not a huge, when this whole started, I wasn’t a huge fan of coming into the dental office. It was never a good, relaxing atmosphere for me. As soon as I came here, the staff here has been great. They just make you kind of relax. And the technology that they use here is great. And I’ve had a great, great experience here. I’ve been coming here for over 10 years and the days of gripping the armchairs are over. And it’s more relaxing and it’s, I don’t have a problem coming in and seeing Wayne. I had full frontal veneers work done. I had four dental implants and some bridge work done and several other minor procedures. I mean, Wayne and his staff are great. I mean, it’s just a very comfortable atmosphere. They are on the front edge of technology. It’s just a great experience. I mean, anything, how to work around your schedule or fit you in or, you know, with your lifestyle. I’ve got a couple of kids that were running around and Wayne and his staff are always able to fit us in when I need it. It’s a great place. It’s very relaxing. You know, like I was saying earlier, I don’t, you know, I used to come in and grip the chairs and it was just a terrible experience and a stressful experience. And ever since I’ve been coming to Wayne and his practice here, it’s just been very relaxed. It’s not a big stressor and they do fantastic work here and they’re just here to make your smile the best.

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